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Duplas Brothers, launch Room 104

Rosen Stapleton is proud to have supported the prolific Duplas brothers on their most recent Cinemax project, Room 104. Their compelling new show is centered around a hotel room, each episode is a new plot centered in the room. On the unique concept, Mark Duplas spoke to Variety,

"For the case of ‘Room 104,’ I would honestly say … maybe, in the age of all this television, it’s something that can cut through and be experimental and hopefully it’s a breath of fresh air,” Mark said. “My ultimate goal for this show is not for everybody to fall in love with every episode, it’s to have people come in, and like Tinder, swipe left and swipe right, and find the ones they like.”

From a production legal standpoint, the concept meant that each episode was treated like a fresh project requiring new agreements for almost all parties involved. The exciting challenge for Rosen Stapleton was to keep pace with the quickly evolving creative

To learn more about the Duplas brothers project, check out the Variety Podcast here:

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